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Tacfit Commando Review – Do These Home Workout Plans Work?

Do the Tacfit Commando home workout plans really work, or are they just another overhyped rehashed fitness product? This is basically a body workout system that is used to develop flexibility, strength in leanness within the elite military forces designed specifically for civilians. Developed by professional coach Scott Sonnon, this system has already been tested and proven by elite commando units for many years now and is set to be revealed in the Tacfit Commando training package.

1. What I Have Learned From Going Through The Tacfit Commando System

There is a 119 page program manual that describes all the steps of the system and how to go about getting started. Every exercise introduced in this training program can be done in 3 different sophistication levels. The higher the levels are, the more difficult the exercise is to perform.

2. Will Tacfit Commando Techniques Work For You Too?

At the start, you will be required to work out your own body fitness levels and then plan your workouts based on the commando mission calendar provided. Beginners are recommended to start off with the easiest sophistication levels and get used to the movement before progressing to increase the difficulty gradually as their bodies get stronger.

3. Review of the Tacfit Commando Learning Materials

The main bulk of this program is actually within the training videos that really make up most of the training package. The training eBook manual is just a small section of the entire package, but I have found that the training videos are much easier to understand.

There is an upgraded version that I chose to use which allowed me to download the same videos that can be uploaded to my iPhone directly because they are in the right file format. The training videos really act like a live trainer and they can be accessed in any part of the world as long as the member has access to the Internet.

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