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Exercise Ball Workout for Back Pain (Swiss, Stability, or Physio Ball)

“Famous” Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck present an Exercise Ball Workout for Back Pain using a Swiss, Stability, or PhysioBall.

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Erik Pena

21 replies

  1. Thanks for the videos, and especially thanks for consistently pointing out to not do it if it hurts and to listen/customize to what your body’s telling you.

    Take care!

  2. I like this video. I just got an exercise ball yesterday and I looked up exercises I could do on it. This video is perfect for my lower back. We were on a stay at home order for 3 months. I got lazy and just sat around and watched my tv apps and played games most of the time. My lower back hurt so much I couldn't hardly do anything. So I did a few of these exercises yesterday. Just the easy ones. I did some again today. My lower back feels much better already. So I'm going to keep doing the easy exercises every morning. I'll try the harder exercises in a couple months. Thank you for this video.

  3. Just bought my first ball and looked on youtube to learn how to use it. I found ya'll!!!! Thank you for not being boring! You had me laughing through my workout. Keep being you! I sent this out to a dozen folks : )

  4. Hey guys I have a question. I used to have a very big exercise ball. It recently popped. It was big enough for a 6 ft tall man to do good mornings with it. That is to say, I would stretch my back out by going up and down with my belly on the ball and my head facing down. Do you know where I can find a big exercise ball like that? It was bigger than the ones in this video.

  5. Love this back problems guide, I had been just a little uncertain but tried it yesterday and woke up with a more relaxed back. Considering that I am happy with the final results, Also I sent the guide to my mom and father. I was advised that they can`t imagine how good maybe it was. The perfect solution for lower back pain.. .

  6. Wow I love you guys you made my day , I'm also having back pain and I try these marvellous techniques and man its work out fantastic for me ❤❤❤❤👌👌👌😘 . Thanks to you both in 2020 and loving you guys , stay safe you all. One love 😘😘