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Vent Frustration via Text Message

News13Now finds a new way to vent your frustrations. Instead of throwing open your window and screaming that “You’re not going to take it anymore!” Now, you can text the word “Vent” to the number 844-96-VENT2 (844-968-3682) and vent your frustrations via AI (artificial intelligence). You can also vent via […]

Please Tell Me Your Sea Stories

Daniel Blakeslee is writing a new book, Fast Attack Leadership. Please share your submarine stories of everyday leadership, humor, great leaders, or unique events. A fast attack submarine or “hunter-killer” submarine is a submarine specifically designed for the purpose of attacking and sinking other submarines, or surface combatants’ vessels. In […]

Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage

Chesapeake, VA – Point Harbor Church will present a Couples’ Date Night, taking place at 2705 Taylor Road, Chesapeake, 23321 on January 16 at 7:00pm, featuring comedian, author, and pastor Mark Gungor. Point Harbor Church to Strengthen Marriages by Hosting Comedian Mark Gungor for a Free Date Night What if […]

Best Beginner's Workout Routine

What is one of the best workout routines? Let’s find out! Buff Dudes Cutting BOOK: Buff Dudes Cutting .PDF: Hudson’s Instagram: Buff Dudes Cutting Plan Prep Phase Workout: (To Be Performed Every Other Day, 3 Days a Week for 3 Weeks) Rest Times: 90 Seconds Between Compound […]

Time Change is Over 100 Years Out of Date!

There is a revival of the effort to end the time change in the United States. Starting with a petition to the Speaker of the House and the Majority Leader of the Senate. You can sign the petition at Change dot org The annual transition to and from Daylight […]